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Tail Insurance Specialists

You've made it to our website so you don't need an education on "tail insurance" or "tail coverage" you need an alternative!  

We are TAIL INSURANCE SPECIALISTS, not generalists.  In medicine complicated medical conditions require the expertise of specialists, your individual tail coverage issue is a complication - trust the tail insurance specialists.  Contact us today for a free consultation 630-460-1057 or email tailcoverage@plirs.com.  

The Stand Alone Tail Program addresses the growing demand for medical malpractice tail insurance options and alternatives.

If you are in need of medical malpractice tail coverage (or paying someone's tail insurance premium), surprised by the high cost of tail coverage from your current insurance company, and concede that tail coverage is necessary (or mandatory) – you came to the right place.  

Whatever you do - Don't write that check for tail coverage until you've contacted us.  With years of experience and hundreds of tail insurance transactions we have consistently provided our clients with comprehensive malpractice tail coverage solutions at premiums averaging 22% less than the tail premium your current insurance company is trying to charge (yes, from an A.M. Best "A" rated carrier).  

Your malpractice tail coverage situation is unique and too important - trust the tail coverage specialists - contact us today for a consultation at 630-460-1057 or email tailcoverage@plirs.com.